Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gertie is my nickname!

Hello all and welcome to my blog.

For starters, I have been gardening for most of my adult life, and still have a lot to learn. So, I practice gardening, like attorneys practice law, doctors practice medicine and so on. This is an ever changing art from season to season where you endure downpours, drought, varmints and bugs, friends who pick way too much stuff, and pigs. Okay, in my world pigs. I have 2 potbellies who live outside, and if they can get their little snouts through the fence, they chomp to their delight on cucumbers, Swiss Chard, and a number of other unfortunate plants that have attempted to reside by the fence.

I am excited that spring is here and I can begin a new cycle of gardening. I have moved one garden, expanded the other plot by 75%, started my babies in the sun room, and begun cutting up the fallen trees in my front yard. I am saving select pieces of wood for my new adventure, wattle fencing. As you can see on my site, I have this wonderful sun god looking gate of a garden I once had a few years ago. This year, I am remaking my lovely gate, and maybe even 2 gates, one for each garden. So, come along with me as we begin another adventure in

Gertie's Tasteful Garden!