Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

January 2011 already. I haven't posted since September! Time sure flies by fast. So today I will play a little catch up, as I anticipate the coming Spring!
I was really blessed with an abundance of bounty this year. I have canned, frozen, eaten so much and enjoyed every minute of it. Below are photographs of my bounty to include my prize giant Sunflower I grew this year.
For the upcoming year, I am so excited and have many ideas of new things that will share space in the garden. Currently I have sweet potatoes sleeping in their mound of straw and dirt, as well as Egyptian walking onions, and garlic. These will greet me early in the spring to kick off my 21 garden. I also have a goal to purchase a house with at least 5 acres of land to begin my own herb farm, that I can share with the public through education of how to use herbs, grow herbs, and love herbs!
Stay Warm!
Canned tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and home made Jalapeno hot sauce!
Just a little proud of this big sunflower! :)
Pesto and jalapeno jelly were some of the things I canned this year!

I may get even more adventurous and post my pictures of the garden in the snow. Which we have had tons of! Until then, sweet dreams of the Spring! ~