Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tasteful Garden

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Before Artichoke

Hello all, just a brief touching base and shameless advertisement!!

I wanted to order some artichoke plants, so I got them from Tasteful Garden! I also got Horseradish as well. I wanted to show the progress of my lovely delushious plants!!

Artichoke now!

Okay, so I love my Artichokes! A bit advice when growing them in the SouthEast section of the country. First, slugs love them, so sprinkle a little red pepper flakes around them to prevent this glutenous behaviour. Make sure you have chosen a spot where they can get about 4 feet tall and several feet wide, like an overgrown zucchinni plant. Then plant at least 1 plant per consumer, as I know I can eat lots!! When fall rolls around, dig up your plant and store it in some peat moss in your garage or basement, and pull out and plant next year. This should give you 5 years of crops from this one plant! Amazing eh?

Also pics of my Horseradish I got from Tasteful Garden.

Okay, Horsey is the dark green bugger fighting it out with my truly over zealous varigated mint. The mint thinks it's winning, but I do tend to help horsey out by plucking a mint here and there and tossing to the piggies to freshen their breath! I am interested to see which prolific plant prospers!!
Ta Ta! Teresa/Gertie