Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Potato Box made of Cedar. I have my potatoes in the ground and they are already poking through the straw. I will continue to keep straw around them with about 3 inches poking above the straw, as I add boards to the bottom until the entire box is complete. Then the potatoes flower, drop their flowers, and I remove the boards and get my potatoes, without digging!
I just started a new strawberry patch. I know I won't get much from it this year, but next year! The chamomille is poking up through it's winter cover of leaves, and it has produced several offspring. I shall have soothing tea all summer!

Texas Tarragon, is a bit licorice in flavor, and yummy in lots of dishes! It is emerging from it's winter bed, and is now about 3 times this size. How beautiful this plant is!

Well today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day! I love the Earth, so I wanted to pop in and tell everyone how much I love the Earth! First of all my nickname is Dirty Gertie. When I am digging and playing in my garden, I tend to wear a lot of dirt from head to toe. I don't mind sitting in the dirt, pulling up weeds, running my hands through the dirt, talking to the worms and other helpful critters that live in the dirt.

My contribution to Earth Day was to volunteer at Earth Fest in Knoxville. This was a fantastic event with tons of free plants, trees, ideas, information and fun. I was working a recycle booth helping people properly dispose of their cups, cans, forks, paper, and even chewing gum. I came home with knowledge, grasses, and a Tulip Poplar tree, our state tree, to plant in the front yard. We had beautiful weather, and tons of people. I plan on being at this event again next year!

Today I planted some peppers, flowers, and fennel. It is supposed to rain all weekend, so these will be happy new plants. I also harvested some swiss chard, parsley, asparagus and various greens to saute and eat for dinner. I love that my garden gives all winter, and in the spring I can dive right in to eating wonderful fresh nutritious food on a daily basis. I love knowing that there aren't any nasty chemicals to invade my body from my organically grown yummies!

Right now my camera is charging, so I can't really post recent photo's. My artichokes are double in size from my last blog. I have pepper row ready to go and still have some bell peppers and tomatoes waiting to get their spot in the garden. My onions are happy, and there are volunteer squashes of some sort coming up in my compost pile. I will save them and put them in a new home soon!

So, rain is coming, guess I will see what The Tasteful Garden has for sale so I can plant every inch of my gardens with delicious fruits that come from their dance with the earth!! Have a wonderful weekend, and when you can, get out and PLANT something. :-)

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